World's Appreciated Kitsch HC

World's Appreciated Kitsch was established in 2006.
W.A.K. HC is a brand new D.I.Y. (or independent, call it how you want) label from Greece.
Our main goal is to support the local hardcore/punk scene by organizing shows every now & then, releasing cool stuff (cdrs, tapes, fanzines) and mainly get involved, raise a voice and definitely promote positive -all school- hardcore, and consequently a positive, drug free way of living.
W.A.K. HC has nothing to do with corporate labels/distros/management, macho shit, knowitall attitude, scene ruiners & neverending divisions inside the hardcore/punk "movement".

Our releases till now are the following:
000 Keep It Real HC fanzine, issue 6 (winter 2006-2007) -500 copies, still available
0000 The Edge super mini sXe fanzine issue 0 (May 2007) - 243 copies, soon available
001 Something To Say split CDR / tape (May 2007) - 243 copies, available along with The Edge

We have organized succesfully a lot of parties and a bunch of live shows, like:
Streetfest 1 (June 06), Argetti (Surfin' Greece mini tour, July 06), Keep It Real Xmas fest (December 06), Straight Opposition (2days Greek tour, April 07) and helped in the organization of some other gigs.

This blog is a way of communication with every hardcore/punk scenester in the world.
No racist, no "fashioncore", no poser, no emo shit, sorry...
All the best,
World's Appreciated Kitsch HC

P.S. Get in touch: hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com