New release soon!!! + some news...

W.A.K.HC is planning to release a new split for the first days of July!
Yeah, we are active as hell nowadays and we'd love to spread the hardcore ethics to as many local scenesters as possible!
This time the split will be 3 way, featuring 3 ace bands, contributing with 4 songs each;
Straight Opposition (hardcore ultras from Italy), Bounz The Ball (Austria's legends) & Good Old Days (the best NYHC act from Poland). Rad?!
The split will be released in 120 copies, 89 of them will be cdrs (professionally packaged, as always!) and 31 tapes (don't forget the old school spirit!).
Release date: 2nd July (but it's still in the process...)
The working title (and maybe the final) of the split is "Finish What You Started!" (WAKHC002)
For more info: hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com

Moreover, we'd like to remind you that the first issue of THE EDGE fanzine along with the first W.A.K.HC release "Something To Say" (4 way European sXe split) is still hot & available!
For those who ask; Keep It Real issue 7 is due to a middle July release...
Besides that, we always seek for Disharmonic shows, so if you wanna book them in your town, just drop us a line!
Support your local scene, go to the shows!