Farewell... {2001-2007}

We sadly inform you that we took the decision to end this fucking awesome thing called DISHARMONIC.
There is no sense in writing down the specific reasons; we can't find the right words now in order to describe how we feel, the fact is that we stop playing and acting as a band anymore.
DISHARMONIC will exist forever in our hearts and in our minds and we are proud of this precious thing we had for almost 6 years of our lives and for all the great moments we lived. That's it.
We wanna thank every single one of you that helped us throughout the good and the hard times, all our friends, bands and everyone that we cooperated with; every single one of you that even sent us (and still send) an e-mail; every gig organizer for giving us the chance, all the kids that let us sleep in their houses / lend us equipment, every one that believed in us. You all know who you are.
Our new CD "A Life without Regrets" is ready and it will be released in September.
Moreover, it will include as a multimedia part everything we ever recorded, all our demos plus a couple of video shots / photos / posters. We'll give this piece for free.
There will be no last show; it's more than ironic to celebrate the end.
Maybe we will meet again in the future, who really knows?
Take care, have fun & support the scene at all costs!
See ya out there!
Disharmonic / John, Teo, Anestis, Apostolis
2nd August 2007
"Forever, the flame will burn in our hearts"