Eternalis Records - France

Eternalis Records is an ultra cool, honest & dedicated hardcore label / mailorder based in Toulouse, France, with 15 releases out so far, and 2 to come out soon. A great mate, xQuentinx, is responsible for everything concerning the label; I received the other day a package from him with a bunch of copies of 3 ace releases for distributrion...

Revive "Beliefs of an old past". Powerful modern old school hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid and Champion. Totally rad!
Seekers of the Truth "Timan". Legendary old school hardcore band from France; they exist since 1988 and this is their latest release, including 3 brand new songs!
A Tribute to Warzone "Always Keep the Faith". Woah! This is a blast, 25 Warzone covers from bands like 25 Ta Life, FTX, Strength Approach, Values Intact, Uprights, Weapons & Tactics and more... Truly dedicated to Raybeez (R.I.P.).

Really cool releases, you have to check out. Visit the links offered and take a look again in the mailorder list (goodies with every order!) at the end of this page... Moreover, don't forget to drop us a line at hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com to join the mailing list.

Moreover, another cool friend from Germany, sent me 2 unique fanzines. His own DIY fanzine is called All Hell Hangs Loose and in this first pilot issue he did an attempt to mend two passions; hardcore & windsurfing! No jokes, this is an ace 42 pages -english written- fanzine, featuring great articles and a free CD by Los Destructos. Really, really cool!

He also sent me some copies of another fanzine (from Scotland) called Ploppy Pants (issue 5), very interesting, too!

By the way, check out this cool show in Street Attack - Salonica tomorrow, my friends from Serres, Ekrixi Vias, play along with the spanish hardcore/punk combo Antitedax!

That's all folks. Today is the election day in Greece, so go and vote 'em all...