Finish What You Started!

Actually the title of this topic is the title of a new 3 way split featuring the almighty Good Old Days, Bounz The Ball and Straight Opposition! More info and release date soon...

Back to some action now!
Woah! There's a huge update!
First of all, we have... Honest For Truth Records, maybe the best Hungarian hardcore label! Attila (also in Motivation) is a very dedicated person doing great work and representing hardcore in Budapest!
We got not one, not two, but seven (!) titles for distribution! Let's take a look:
Kicking It Down - The First Kick. The first release ever for HFT Records. Cool -U.S. 80s influenced - hardcore band, playing since 2005. Their members are active in the Hungarian scene since 1993, having played in bands like The Grudgers, All For Nothing, Side Step etc.
Finish Him - Positively Pissed, HFT 004. Hardcore / punk band from South California, this is their first release, a MCD fueled with 6 songs.
Koala Trace - Trace Thoughts, HFT 005. This band started out back in 1993... After 13 years (they have already broke up) entered the studio after practicing for half an hour and recorded those 5 old school hardcore songs, incredible!
V/A - Maximum Hardcore street revolution vol.1 - Released by HFT and Bandanas Studio. Devastating compilation featuring 10 bands from Hungary, 20 songs in total. Zero Tolerance, Kickin It Down, Bandanas, Something Against You, Step On It, My Own Mind, Devon, Don't Say a World and Jack. All hardcore styles included!
V/A - HC Familia United Worldwide - HFT 009 (in association with Hate Core Records from U.SA.). International hardcore compilation featuring 4 bands and 20 songs. Off Balance (USA), Questions (Brazil), Propia Actitud (Mexico) and Slang (Japan) take part. Awesome layout (with 7" style cover!) included, plus the bands performing some great covers.
Motivation - Restarted, strengthed and wised - HFT 010. This is the latest release of this cool label. Motivation is a great sXe old school hardcore band from Budapest, nothing more & nothing less, check them out definitely!
Grudgers - Take power from the past. This is probably self - released in pro - tape format back in 2001. Old school hardcore band from Budapest, that do not exist these days.
Secondly, my friend Perry (he is from Athens) sent me a bunch of copies of his Cologne - Germany based - hardcore band, My Defense! The album -titled "For Damn Those Hardcore Junkies" was released by the great hardcore label Striving for Togetherness (also home for No Redeeming Social Value, Vision of Disorder, Static 84, 25 Ta Life...). Man, awesome old school melodic hardcore!
To continue with, I have almost 10 free copies of a cool & old school hardcore band from Italy, called Rejects of Society. Their new demo called "Rough Fun" follows up the "About" full length (2003) and offers 5 songs of hardcore the rough & tough way!
Plus 6 free copies of a hardcore/punk from Belgium (thanx Ramzi!) called Damaged. The first issue (released 2nd March 2007) features Converge, Shredder, Rise & Fall, Justice & more...
Last but not least, there are some news about the Positively Positive Hardcore fest, that will take place on Saturday 29th December 2007, at AN Club, in Athens. The line up is almost fixed... (just one foreign band remaining to be confirmed). Only Attitude Counts - Austria, Watch Your Step (Italy) and 3 ace local bands - What A Mess, Censored Sound & Eden Demise will share the stage. More news about this fest next week.

Moreover, there are 2 shows (one today in Kavala and the other on friday in Salonica) with Guided Cradle from Czech Rep., a great thrash / hardcore / punk band. Go & support them!

That's all! Till next time, stay gold!