We have the honour to cooperate with the coolest Finnish hardcore / punk label, Fullhouse Records. This honest and dedicated label delivers quality releases of great bands like Down My Throat, The Heartburns, Bolt, Deaf Penalty and Morning After, among others. We have a bunch of copies of the bands mentioned above for distribution, so get in touch to receive the latest version of our catalogue and to join our mailing list: hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com

Moreover, Markus from the cool German hardcore label Play To Destroy Records sent me a bunch of co
pies of the new Short Fuse CD, released by his label in coproduction with Assault Records. Mate, this is fucking awesome old school & rocking hardcore / punk, straightforward in your face. 38 songs (including 6 new ones, a demo & live recordings) - 42 minutes.
P.S. Positively Positive Hardcore Fest is coming... 29th December 2007, AN Club...