Keep It Real issue #7 - preorders now!!!

Well, it's time for the 7th issue to be released!
We set the release date to be Friday, 16th November,
but all preorders will be shipped / given earlier.
So preorder your copy NOW!!!

Issue 7 features 56 pages full of quality hardcore!
13 interviews, 168 reviews, photos, art, articles, etc.

English language, full size (A4) paper.

Circulation: 219 copies
Among them, there is a limited edition of 69 copies that come along with a fucking great 7" courtesy of Commitment Records (The Netherlands).
List to choose from:
Product X ‘Who Makes The Heroes...’
Fairfight 's/t'
On A Solid Rock ‘Where Kids Don’t Play’
North ‘Perfect Body Perfect Soul’

The Age 's/t'
The Miracle ‘True Spirit’
V/A: ‘Forever In Our Hearts’
In total: only 69 copies, so get in touch and reserve your copy now!!!

single copy costs 2 euros / 3 dollars
single copy with 7" costs 4 euros / 5 dollars
there are no wholesale prices for the copies with 7"s.

we do special prices for distros, just ask.
What are you waiting for dude?
P.S. About the bands' presentations, we'll continue after 10th November, sorry for the incovenience, but I'll be away of home (to my 2nd home, hehe!) for the next 10 days.