Niko Rammert - vocals
Sinu John - guitar
Markus Schulz - guitar
Jörg Steinkemper - bass
Dennis Ziebart - drums

It’s pretty easy to describe in a few words what has happened since April 1998. Not too much!

We have never changed our line up since we started. We also never changed our style or the kind of music we play. It’s still typical mid 90s old school mixed up with hard hitting moshparts and a bit of new school hardcore. Our lyrics generally deal with personal experiences and views. Many of them contain some self-irony, which is related to the hardcore scene and our lives in general.

Despite some assholes telling us that we should split up because they think we’re a load of crap we just kept going on. Sometimes with 1 rehearsal every 6 months
, sometimes working our asses off.

The only thing which has changed throughout that time is the quality of our music. Woof has definitely become more technical and maybe a bit faster with every studio session and every show played. Right now things are going pretty well for us. Despite the fact that nearly everyone of us has to work much more now compared to back in 1998
! It just means that we have to plan everything much better now!! We're quite self-confident with our recent work and are confident that everyone who is going to see a Woof show or listen to our songs will figure out for themselves why.

There is one thing as sure as fate: We started as friends and we’ll end up as friends. That’s all what Woof is about.
October 1998 - 4 songs for our demo
November 1999 - 19 songs. 12 songs released on WOOF / 3RD DEGREE BURN split cd
January 2002 - 12 Songs. 10 are released on our full length cd "No Retreat". 2 are on the split with FTX. All songs released on the pride,passion, memories/no retreat split 12".
July 2005 - 3 songs for the Horrorbiz-Compilation "This is not your soundtrack for violence"
March - May 2006 - 16 songs. 15 released on our full length cd „pride, passion, memories“, 12 songs released on the „pride, passion, memories/no retreat split 12“

Myspace: www.myspace.com/woofhc
Official: www.woofhc.com
Contact: thumb69@gmx.de