Fuerza para seguir.

Hello out there!
It was time for an update...Are you ready?
1,2,3,4 Go!
Let's do it alphabetically this time, hehe!So, first of all we have the final poster of Angry, Young & Poor series vol. one that will take place in a week in Athens city. Here you are, thanx to my good friend Panos that did a great work! I have some posters left, so if you wanna get one, just visit the distro table during the show, he-he!
By the way, take a look at the distro releases, too, lots of new stuff in stock, and as always, only quality hardcore, you know...
All Or Nothing
is probably one of the best upcoming skate punk rock bands coming from the United Kingdom. Fast and "hard" poppy punk at its best. 5 songs, 5 gems in the vein of Set Your Goals and the likes. Cool stylish artwork, included, too. In stock now!Next we have Nowadays, from France, that sent me a promo of their great EP called "Keep The Costume Ironed". According to their myspace "about me" section: "These nice 3 people set up a band in 2002 to assault the masses with a technical, cynical, political, fast punk rock. Most lyrics deal with music, the corporate world, the thirld world debt, the middle east conflict, greed, some inner thoughts and other shits." If you like Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi, Raised Fist etc. you'll fall in love with Nowadays!Robert from Commitment Records sent me some copies of the brand new Commitment release! If it's in Commitment it's gonna be crucial; that's a fact, undoubtedly... So, what we have is the new 7 song self - titled 7" of Resolve from Missouri, USA. According to Robert "Resolve is a five-piece straight edge band from the St. Louis, MO-area, that plays pure late 1980s youthcrew hardcore, in the classic style that bands like Youth Of Today and Turning Point made big. So the perfect soundtrack to singalong, fingerpoint and jump around to!". Get it and don't ask!I hope you are not tired... There's more to read you lazy assholes!
We go on... Running Through fanzine from Belgium reached its 2nd issue and finally it's available in Greece through our small indie distro. Inside its 28 cute cut 'n' paste pages you'll find (only) interviews with Vogue, Regulations, Losing Streak, Career Suicide, Brutal Knights, Bad Reaction, Common Enemy, Rush 'n' Attack, Government Warning and Permanent Mark. Hurry up if you wanna get a copy, only a couple left...The Realness is a very cool new band from Nordhausen, Germany. Their first demo contains 4 songs strongly influenced by old school hardcore 'n' roll bands like Justice, Mental, Supertouch, Lion of Judah, Cro-Mags etc. Sick! Get it or die! It's CDR, though... I'd prefer to have it in tape, but as far as I know, they are already sold out, damn... You can consider me to be their first official fan in Greece, cheers!I must admit that I was waiting for so much time to get the Trample package in my hands. I almost got pissed off by not getting it and sent many messages to the band... But damn, worth the waiting, the "Strike when provoked" MCD is one of the best releases I got the last months. Really. Trample come from Tampa, Florida, and this is their first release, put out by the ace label Significant Records. This CD includes 8 songs in the vein of Judge, Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags and the likes. It's really perfect! And the cover kicks asses! Get it. Only 2 in stock...Last but not least... I did a trade with my buddy Hector from Peru and he sent me some copies of the brand new album of his band, Unidad 4 called "Fuerza para seguir" (translation: "the power to go on"). Unidad 4 were established in 1997 in Cajamarca - Peru and since then they are very active (including some years of silence...) in their country's hardcore / punk scene. Their style can be described as melodic skate punk rock / hardcore influenced by bands like No Fun At All, NOFX, Pennywise etc., you know the deal; catchy punk rock to grab the mic and sing along (if you speak their language, haha!). Awesome! That's all for now, I guess... A new update is coming on Monday featuring - among others - the releases of a cool hardcore/punk label from Poland, called In Our Hands Records. Till then, have a nice weekend; there are many shows taking place the next days, so fun is guaranteed. Support the scene at all costs.
Stay gold.