"Non c'e Nulla" CD

{coproduction with: Gi Kill Records, Palermo Hardcore, Nucleo Pisano HC, Heresia Records, Respira Records, Ciminaccia Records, Ossa Rotte, Tropo Records, Ignorant Worm Records, Violax Records, Pour Ma Classe, Suoni Grezzi}
Before writing anything else, I must admit that I admire the D.I.Y. hardcore / punk scene of Italy... Almost every record I get from there is co-produced by various labels and distros and it seems that many people cooperate in order to release sth or even organize a show... This may not be true and reality may be harder and tougher than it seems... Anyway, congratulations once more to the D.I.Y. Italian conspiracy for bringing out one more record of a band from Palermo.
And here we come to Brain Kills... I searched everywhere in the net / myspace to find something about them, but it seems that they do not care about internet and they do not have any site. I can only assure you that their drummer owns Gi Kill Records... Well, Brain Kills play punk rock the old school way, reminding me of the late 80's / early 90's Italian scene (even though I cannot compare them to any particular band...). They sing in their native language, so I cannot understand a damn word out of their lyrics, but I can assume that it's all about street punk 'n' roll and the stuff related to it...
I must admit that this record wasn't sth too special for me or sth I will listen to more than 3-4 times... but it's definitely a good record and the guys from Brain Kills seem that they love what they're doing.