IT BURNS WITHIN "Running nowhere fast" tape EP
{World's Appreciated Kitsch Records}
This is the newest release of our precious label, World's Appreciated Kitsch Records, in cooperation with the brand new fellow label True To The Game (keep on Steos!!!). I'm so proud of it, so it's very hard for me to write down a review praising It Burns Within and our labels, hehe!
First of all, It Burns Within called it quits some days after agreed the deal to release their demo CD as a tape for a limited edition of 100 copies.

That's very sad, because It Burns Within was a very promising band and there was a strong potential for them to become huge in Europe, at least.
The demo tape includes 5 songs (among them there's an intro and outro, filled with great melodies) of uncompromising new school modern hardcore. No metalcore trends, no old school revival, just new school hardcore, with all its
Taking influences from bands like Integrity, Earth Crisis, Trial and Strife, but adding their personal taste, too, they managed to create 3 songs that will stick in your head for months. Trust me!
The artwork is amazing, both emotional & hardcore, hehe! Check out the blog below for more art by Jakub, It Burns Within's vocalist.
The tape includes a cute lyric sheet, too.
Get yours now, as far as I know less than 45 out of 100 are still in our stock.