All Against The World - "The Furthermost" CD
{Spook Records,Hell Xis Agency, Chorus Of One Records}
Portugal is a country where many great hardcore bands were born in the past. Bands like Pointing Finger, New Winds, These Hands Are Fists, For The Glory and Broken Distance, among others.
The brand new band that represents in the best way the Portuguese scene is All Against The World, coming from the city of Oporto, located in the north (if i'm not wrong...) of the country.
Actually, All Against The World is not exactly a new band, since they were formed back in 2002 and have already released a demo and a MCD ("Building the bridge to a better place...", 2004), while they have managed to play everywhere in Portugal and tour Europe by visiting countries like France, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.
Moreover, they have shared the stage with bands like Comeback Kid, No Turning Back, Terror, Champion, Strung Out, Cruel Hand, Enemy Alliance and more...
Their debut full length was firstly released by HellXis Agency in Portugal, around March 2008, and then Spook Records from Poland and Chorus Of One Records from Italy licensed it and re-released it in their countries & worldwide.
I got my copy from my buddy Spooky from Spook Records; the best Polish label and one of the European tops, without doubt. The fact is that even if I have already listened many times to this record, I never found some time to write a review about it, that's why I'm late once again for around 8 months!
To the point, All Against The World play modern fast melodic hardcore with a strong punk rock touch, in the vein of Comeback Kid, Ignite and the likes.
The production is crystal clear, the songs are well structured, the guitar riffs are catchy as hell and the lyrics cover personal issues that can easily be your personal issues!
I forgot to write that I really love the cover and the whole booklet concept.
To conclude, go and buy the CD.

P.S. The band has parted ways with their lead singer and nowadays they are seeking for a new one, that's why they are a bit inactive...