"Back To The Pit" CD
Self-Abuse, Athens Thrash Attack, True To The Game, WAK
It's May and summer is approaching fast...
"-So what?", I hear some of you say in a passionless mood. "So what??!!"
The brand NEW FAITHREAT masterpiece/full length CD is out since 13th May and YOU are still sitting on the sofa of your living room, watching pathetic tv shows and boring soap operas? Aaaargh!! Get UP, Get OUT, GO to their show and SPREAD the message (and the disease, hehe)!!
The 11 songs of "Back to the Pit" are already held responsible for the destruction of several houses and rooms of thrashards all over the country! With their dedication to thrash / crossover resulting in this awesome debut release, Faithreat prove that this music is here to stay, as long as there are kids - alania that play this uncompromising way! The style of the band combines the finest elements of thrash and hardcore / crossover, bringing to us mind-blowing dynamites such as "Thrash for Yourself", "Retaliation" & "Sophisticated Lies", among others. A MUST-have for fans of D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus, Madball, Anthrax, S.O.D. and many other kick-ass bands that made you (me, for sure) love this music!!
Let's share with you the credits of the CD. First of all, Faithreat are comprised by two ex-Disharmonic (RIP?) members, John-vocals & frontmaniliki and Anestis-guitars. The other 3 are Giannis-bass (the Possessed hat rocks!), Kostas-guitars (amazing work!) and Vaggelis-drums (pou 'sai re trele?). Guarantee!! The moshing and slimy artwork was made by Panos "don't forget to feed the fish" Ntolas. Excellent job mate!
Moreover, we have 2 astonishing participations: Apostolis (head of WAK, ex-Disharmonic) and Stratos (Como Esta Loco) do backing vocals / growls in "Look Into My Eyes" (Apostolis) and "Back to the Pit" (both), respectively. Finally, the CD was released in cooperation with 4 greek Labels [Athens Thrash Attack, Self Abuse, True To The Game, World's Appreciated Kitsch].
Need more? I DON'T think so!!
Order the cd either from the band or the other labels / distros and get ready for a moshin', beer-drinkin' and chick huntin' summer!

P.S. to John: I need the mic when you play "Zoee Horis Anapnoee", hahaha!!
Reviewed by: Leonidas "For Those About To Mosh"