PEE fanzine
Issue #41
Pee Records
Pee is one of the oldest fanzines that deal with hardcore / punk rock music in Australia, based in Adelaide, in the south of the country.
It was firstly published in 1996 and since then it is printed 4 times a year by the quality and hard-working Aussie label Pee Records.
Issue 41 is already 'old', since issues 42 and 43 have been released, while issue 44 is about to be released sooner or later.
I had this fanzine along with other records and stuff laying on my office table -in front of my eyes- since September/October (as far as I remember) so I guess that it's time to write a review about it, it definitely deserves all the waiting, don't you think?!
So, here we are...
Pee #41, first of all, features an amazing cover art, oil painting, made by Ken Stewart, an artist responsible for record covers of The Carrier and The Bonus Army, as well.
You should check out his website as soon as possible, because this guy is a genius.
The fanzine includes 60 A4, black and white, pages that deliver interviews with The Golden Age, Reach Out, Signs Of Hope, Watch Your Step, Throwdown, In The Face Of War, Jena Berlin, Yidcore, Last Of The Believers, Nazarite Now, Just Say Go!, Cancer Bats, Killing Kings and Lungs.
Moreover, there are interviews with John Szuch (owner of Deep Elm Records) talking about illegal downloading, with Ken Stewart (the artist I already wrote about) and the Brisbane punk clothing label Beserk.
There are a lot of interesting columns some comic stuff and a bunch of record & fanzine reviews, too.
PEE zine comes along with a sampler CD featuring 9 bands of PEE Records, with Bad Day Down, In The Face Of War, Provoke and The Open Season being among them.
All in all, a very cool & tight hardcore / punk fanzine that is absolutely a nice reading for your early summer vacation...!