"Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions" MCD
Deathwish Inc.
After releasing 2 incredible albums and a split 7" with Frightener, Pulling Teeth come back with a monumental 5 song release, redefining the term metallic hardcore and re-setting the rules of hardcore / punk.
Pulling Teeth feature former members of Slumlords, Never Enough, Desperate Measures and The Spark and play an 'epic' style of raw energetic metallic hardcore / punk, taking influences by Integrity, Cursed, Poison Idea, Tragedy and Slayer.
The whole record is full of melancholic riffs and haunting melodies, delivering unique intensity and darkness, with strong emotional vibes flowing in the air.
The last two songs, 'Paranoid Delusions' and 'Paradise Illusions', are in my opinion the highlights of this release, especially the second one that offers almost 10 minutes of music majesty.
To conclude with, there's not many words to write about this record, while as I stated in the beginning it can only be described as MONUMENTAL.
The amazing double cover design work by J.Bannon (Converge) just adds bonus points to the final result.

P.S. 'Pulling Teeth' was a fucking great Metallica song out of 'Kill 'Em All', also called Anesthesia, for those who remember...