NFAA party
Thursday, 18th June
Urban Bar - Athens
Dudettes & dudes...
World's Appreciated Kitsch has booked a special party for you in downtown Athens, and specifically in the already known Urban Bar at Avramiwtou Str.
The party will take place this Thursday, 18th June and will start around 22.30.
So if you wanna listen to some awesome punk rock and melodic hardcore tunes, wanna have some fun, and get some cheap drinks (alcoholic or not!), then undoubtedly be there.
Apostolis WAK will act as a DJ (kai kala!) for once more, while a lot of pretty girls & guys will attend the party, if this makes any sense to you, ha!
See ya there.
But if you after all can't make it to the party, don't miss the actual No Fun At All show/party that will take place on Saturday night.
Check out the press release below, if you haven't already checked it.
And I mustn't forgot to tell you to come to AN club early (around 21.00 it'd be cool) because the show will definitely start at 22.00 and due to the fact that there's not any presale for the tickets there may be a queue... so be wise to avoid it!