and the living
is easy
Back from Fluff fest. It was just awesome!
Huge distro update coming up the next days.
A bunch of new reviews (Black Friday '29, The Cassidy Scenario, Run With The Hunted, The Guilt Show, Confronto, Homer, Stop Talking!, etc.) will be posted when the heat decreases.
Go check out Do Something Now! and then go swimming.
Ah! And take a look at the new minimal flyer, designed by ReMono Designs.
500 flyers printed, all spreaded around Fluff Fest & Prague.
Ah! no.2... Thanks to all (or maybe the few!) that attended the xKingdomx / Dead Vows gig.
Moreover, thanks a lot to xGeorgex for hosting & taking care of the bands after the show. We owe him!
Photo by: Danai | icon
(Fluff Fest '09 / Rokycany_Czech Rep.)