Youth Crew 08
compilation 7"
Positive & Focused | Behind You | Monument | Upside Down
This compilation colored record is undoubtedly a must have for every dedicated straight edge / youth crew / PMA / old school hardcore fan (sic).
4 nice labels from all over Europe and overseas joined forces to put this epic piece of vinyl out; Upside Down Records from U.S.A., Monument Records from Sweden, Positive & Focused Records from The Netherlands and Behind You Records from Germany are responsible for the 'Youth Crew 08 - Revival now!'.
The main goal behind this compilation is to spread around the youth crew / positive hardcore movement & ideals by presenting 8 previously unreleased songs from 8 of the best bands of this kind of hardcore scene nowadays.
The bands that participate are: Mindset (USA), True Colors (Belgium), Break Through (Germany, sadly they broke up), Things We Say (Korea), Times Together (UK), Go For Broke (Sweden, maybe the best band of the compilation, they called it quits some months ago), Fired Up (USA) and One Voice (Belgium).
Instead of writing more things in this review, I strongly recommend that you should check out all the links (both of the bands and labels) that follow.
The artwork is done by the well known hardcore artist Ram from Denmark (ex-Struggle Against singer, now singing for xReclaimx from USA).
'Nough said. Go find this compilation, I think that there is still a bunch of copies left in some distros. For the greek ones; if you haven't already bought this diamond from our distro, the blame is on you... No more copies available.
http://www.myspace.com/bxyrecords | http://www.monumenthq.com | http://www.positiveandfocused.tk | http://www.myspace.com/upsidedownrecs
http://www.myspace.com/truecolorshc | http://www.myspace.com/mindsetsxe | http://www.myspace.com/breakthroughhardcore | http://www.myspace.com/thingswesay2004 | http://www.myspace.com/firedup | http://www.myspace.com/onexvoice2006 | http://www.myspace.com/goforbrokecrew | http://www.myspace.com/timestogether97