The Cassidy Scenario
'Withstanding voracity' CD
Let It Burn Records
The Cassidy Scenario come from Vienna / Austria and were formed by the remaining members of the band called Estate that broke up in 2007.
Their first full length was released by the well known hardcore / punk / metal label from Germany, Let It Burn (also home for Fear My Thoughts, Black Friday '29, A Traitor Like Judas , Zero Mentality and Teamkiller, among tens of others) and features 11 songs of modern hardcore / metal music with superb production.
The Cassidy Scenario may not sound unique, ground-breaking or whatever, but they seem sincere and dedicated in what they are doing.
They take influences from 'modern' old school hardcore, new school hardcore and metalcore, creating a blend of fresh music that will not leave you without banging your head -at least- while listening to it.
If you want comparisons, I'd state Comeback Kid (for sure!), This Is Hell and Poison The Well. Their label includes in the 'comparisons list' Modern Life Is War and Architects, as well, but I find it a bit odd, to be honest.
I really like the artwork, too. It's done by Dan Mumford, a very cool artist that has also worked with Gallows, Protest The Hero, Your Demise, The Devil Wears Prada, The Legacy and more. Check his work out at: www.dan-mumford.com.