'Destroyer | Borderlines' CD / LP
Let It Burn Records
Goldust managed to release one of my favorite albums ever.
So, you can assume that I won't be objective in this goddamn review. From the burst out in the middle of the first song to the last chord of the last song, intensity fills the air turning my quiet afternoon in a hell-ish scenery not unlike Dante's world. The 12 songs that are included in 'Destroyer | Borderlines' are 12 punches in the stomach. This is not positive at all. This is not for any of you fancy hardcore kids out there that think that hardcore is your teddy bear.
Goldust rule the European scene since 2005. They come from Germany but they could easily come from Belgium back in 1995, representing the H8000 scene. They are furious as hell, but the best word that can describe their music is the one I mentioned above... It's 100% intense.
They mix metal & hardcore music, throw in solos every now & then, even use some post-hardcore and death metal parts, creating a very emotional record.
This is true quality hardcore, neither imitating non-sense nor pretending to be something.
This is 2010 heavy hardcore. Period.
The cover & whole layout kicks ass.

P.S.1 The record will be officially released next week.
P.S.2 Does anyone of you remember that Goldust interview in The Edge fanzine issue 0 back in the days...?