'Blindfolded and doomed' CD / LP
Cobra X Records
I quote from SOP's website:
'Seed of Pain consists of four young individuals from around the area of Lucerne, Switzerland. We think of ourselves not as of a hardcore band but of a group of angry young men who deal with their demons and fears the way we think we could do best. We have never set ourselves any limitations, be it music-, lyric- nor otherwise. No compromise or trend-following to any scene. Yes, this sounds cliché and outdated, but in times like these we feel it is necessary to say so. Music should be a way to express yourself, no matter what. But with limitations, restrictions and rules you won't create any honesty.'
I've no words to describe my feelings about 'Blindfolded and doomed'.
Seriously, this release is a masterpiece.
Seed Of Pain come from Lucerne, Switzerland and this is their first full length, following a series of 7"s, 12" and demos.
Their music consists of hardcore tunes mixed with progressive and technical riffs fueled with some doom moments, post-hardcore and new wave influences, desperate vocals and poetry; served in a melancholic atmosphere.
From the intro (featuring a poem of Gottfried Benn; German expressionist poet, follower of the nazi movement firstly, then turned out to criticize it and get banned by both nazis & the allies. To be honest, I don't see the point why using a poet of such an ambiguous person...) to the remixes (included only in the CD version) of the song 'Doomed', the listener dives deep into the sea of melancholy and travels through the cloudy skies of unreasonableness, without leaving any trace behind.
I wrote it above, too... This record is a masterpiece.
I just discovered my new favorite band / style of music for the lonely haunted nights.
One of the best, if not the best, open-minded hardcore releases of last year. Word.