'The sea of see through skins' CD
Coroner Records
Tardive Dyskinesia is one of the best metal / death metal / progressive hardcore bands coming from Greece the last years. And they are definitely the most unique one (they may share the crown with another local act, Sun Of Nothing).
They exist since 1997 (they were formerly known as Override) and they are based in a small yet cool place outside Athens, by the sea, called Nea Makri.
I still remember getting Override in a compilation I released back in 2002 with that groovie song 'Where's your god' (if I am right...), but the band has evolved a lot (after several line up changes) since then.
Their 2nd full length was released by the Italian label Coroner Records and it's an amazing piece of art & music. It includes 9 songs of uncomprimising, no genre music, with influences varying from progressive death metal to Shai Hulud style metalcore and Gojira / Meshugga technicity.
The production by Jochem Jacobs (Textures' guitarist) is heavy and clean, while the artwork kicks ass hard.
I am listening to this record for the 3rd time this afternoon, waiting impatiently for their show along with Shai Hulud, Eternal Hated and Disco Queen, tomorrow night, it's gonna be a blast.
Tardive Dyskinesia tour with Pro-Pain for 23 shows in mainland Europe next month.
I am very happy when local bands that work hard get what they deserve.
They made it.