Broken Teeth
s/t 7"
Demon Spawn Records | Power Negi Records
Broken Teeth is a new hardcore band from Manchester, UK, and this self-titled 7" is their first proper release (they've also released a demo back in '08), including 4 songs of really heavy hardcore.
Broken Teeth take the best parts of NYHC and mix them with influences of new school hardcore, bringing in my mind bands like Trapped Under Ice and No Turning Back. There's a strong UK influence, as well. It seems that Knuckledust, Deal With It, Ninebar and the whole LBU crew have helped Broken Teeth to shape their style. There are not too much beatdown stuff or that tough guy attitude, though.
The 7" is sold out, as far as I know, and I think that our distro is the only one that carries copies right now... And we have the copies with the extra pre-order cover, ltd to 30...!
Broken Teeth are about to release a new record on Purgatory Records, sooner or later, so better keep an eye on them.
'I can see my angel not ashamed to be the devil'...