Bitter End
Guilty as charged CD
Deathwish Inc.
Bitter End, from San Antonio, Texas, come back with a punch in the face of today's modern hardcore.
After a successful LP called 'Climate Of Fear' and a couple of 7"s, it was about time to unleash 'Guilty as charged', one of the best metallic hardcore records I have listened to the last years.
And when I write metallic hardcore, I mean a true (sic) combination of metal / thrash metal with hardcore music, and not just another metalcore / whatevercore kinda trendy style.
First of all, the cover and the whole artwork kick asses hard; you know what to expect from there and on...
Bitter End take the best parts of late 80s / early 90s crossover / thrash metal bands like Nuclear Assault, Sepultura and Suicidal Tendencies and mix them up with the finest stuff of NYHC, like Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front's 'Liberty and justice' era, Leeway and Sick Of It All.
This hybrid is heavy and intense as hell, believe me.
I dare to say that Bitter End is the next big thing in the Deathwish roster, after all this modern overhyped bastardization of Integrity, grindcore and post-hc simmers down, if you know what I mean...
'Words are empty and I won't apologize, what's done is done, I'm the next in line'