s/t MCD
Self - released
To be honest, I cannot write an objective review for this record, since the vocalist / bassist of Bandage is my house-mate and beloved friend, while the rest of the band members are awesome guys / friends. Moreover, I keep listening to this album since last summer; I've attended the recordings, rehearsals, shows, I even am the first one to get the final product of this CD in my hands, hehe!
So, let's give it a try.
Bandage exists as a band quite a few years now, but during the last 1-2 ones are very active in the local punk rock scene. They play the music style they really love listening to; that means in your face, melodic punk rock in the vein of Fat Wreck & Epitaph releases of the 90s era.
You know the deal right? Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX and last but not least Lagwagon, can be stated among the list of Bandage's influences. But they do not simply copy & paste those bands; on the contrary, they add a strong unique style of their own that separates Bandage from the pile of punk rock bands floating in the the worldwide scene...
Their self-titled MCD includes 6 songs of uncompromising punk rock, plus a hidden track (called 'Don't be fooled') that is actually a newer song in acoustic version.
Lyricwise they deal with topics like friendship, the laws that oppress womyn, the scene (somehow), while the singer exposes his anger and frustration for the work he's doing. I definitely dig their lyrics; they talk to me.
I dare to say that Bandage is one of -or maybe the most- sincere local punk rock bands nowadays. And believe me, sincerity for me is the most important element a band should have...
Catch them live on 2nd January in Larissa and on 28th January in Athens.