Plague Mass
Union of egoists 12"
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'Each thing cares for itself
And I admit, so do I.
Certainly, I care for you and I care for this world
But I do so for my own sake
And don't you do so for your own sake?
Despite - or perhaps because of - this fact
I can honestly say I care.'

This is the new Plague Mass album and I'm really excited to review this because I consider Plague Mass as one of the best european hardcore (all styles included) bands. I still remember watching live their predecessors Pledge Alliance in Thessaloniki back in 2002 or 2003... So, Plague Mass (I guess they may have taken their band name by the same-titled Diamanda Galas song) is the continuation of Pledge Alliance also feat. ex-Antimaniax, Once Tasted Life and Jan feat. UDSSR members. They are based in Austria and have released a couple of more albums and 12"s. I hope that some of you attended their greek shows back in 2008; I did not thanks to my army service...
Let's get back to the record; Plague Mass wrote Union Of Egoists being undoubtedly influenced by Max Stirner's 'The Ego and Its Own' (Der Einzige und sein Eingentum) philosophical work, and this is obvious especially in the lyrics insert, where a quote is written.
Moreover, I dunno if it's a coincidence, but the cover of the album reminds me of Catharsis' 'Passion'... And by the way, Crimethinc. Collective is involved in the release (Plague Mass are touring USA next February along with From The Depths; members of whom are involved in Crimethinc.)...
But I guess, this is way too much trivia...
Musically, Plague Mass mix a lot of influences, including crust, dark hardcore / punk, metal, post-hardcore etc. They are into
both Catharsis and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Their blend is unique and really really catchy. I definitely love their sound. And I dig their devilish vocals, as well, hehe!
Lyrically, they are into personal stuff, some poetry and of course social & political lyrics. B
ut even their political lyrics are written in a philosophical approach. They demonstrate a vegetarian / vegan way of life, while they are into anarchism.
This is an awesome record, get it asap.

'Je crois en toi'