Day 16_10.01:
'Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar'
'Traveller there is no road, you make your path as you walk' - Antonio Machado

So, this was the last day of the whole tour.

We woke up at noon and then spent 4 more hours in the ferry doin' nothing.
We arrived at Patras and started unloading the stuff in everybody's house.
I took the bus to Athens in the evening and here I am, waiting to sleep in my bed after 15 days.

The tour was awesome.
Great times, lifetime memories and adventurous incidents.
Here's a report in numbers:
6500km on the road.
10 shows.
7 countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy).
9 cities (Sofia, Craiova, Cluj Napoca, Berlin, Prague, Winterthur, Zurich,
Even more borders crossed and cities visited.
More than 1000 euros spent in gas.
A couple of fights between us.
1 mobile lost.
6 different currencies used.
1 completely wasted night.
1 bass cabinet partly damaged.
1 drum skin broken.
Almost 5000 words written in this blog...

Thanks to everyone that helped us out during this tour.
Greetings to all the nice people we met.

Till next time,
IWYD & a.
All photos by Tsak & Diastro.

P.S. We are thinking to release this tour diary in a nice strictly limited publication. More info soon.