Od Vratot Nadolu
Ziva / Mercury CD
Fuck Yoga | Superfi | Insulin Addicted
I got this CD last Saturday night during the Od Vratot Nadolu / Glam show in Katarameno Syndromo. Ivan, Od Vratot Nadolu's roadie, was kind enough to offer me a copy of the band's debut album (which is available in vinyl format, as well).
Od Vratot Nadolu is a 2-piece band from Skopje and they manage to create a heavy / tight sound with only bass & drums, plus vocals. To be honest, I did not like very much their live show, simply because their music style is not my cup of tea. They may be awesome musicians (especially the drummer), but I'm not so much into sludge stuff, so I am not the right guy to judge 'em.
I have to admit that I really enjoyed their record, though.
I've been listening to it for the 3rd time in a row and every time I discover some new great parts in their compositions. Ziva or else Mercury includes 8 songs of hard hitting sludge music fueled with a few powerviolence / fast tempo moments. If you are into bands like Man Is The Bastard, you most definitely have to check these guys out.
It's very promising that Balkan bands (especially from small countries) release records, tour and are dedicated to the D.I.Y. scene.
The album was co-released by Fuck Yoga Records, Insulin Addicted Records(Macedonia) and Superfi Records (UK) .