(almost) Sunday, 3rd April
So, after leaving Ntinos (I forgot to tell you that we met a friend of us who studies in Koln and we spent the whole day together) in the train station, we started the trip to Switzerland.
I searched everywhere to buy a film for my photo-camera but it did not work out, so no photos from the Bad Ragaz show... Shit the landscape is awesome...
The trip to Bad Ragaz was 7-hour long, fueled with sun, beatdown music, reading books and sleeping. We arrived in this small city (5000 population), located among the mountains, after passing the Austrian and Swiss borders, at around 20.00. The locals were waiting for us and we had a very cool dinner consisting of Chinese food, a cake and brownies.
Afterwards, we went straight ahead to the venue. Actually the venue was the rehearsal room of the local band called Looks Like Yoda. I dare to say it`s one of the best D.I.Y. venues I have ever been to.
The show started at around 21.30 and a lot of kids (especially young ones) have already gathered; I think that almost 100 kids attended the show. First band was Looks Like Yoda (they took their name from a Parkway Drive song), a cool modern hardcore style band that played for half an hour. Eternal Hated were next, playing a decent show. The sound was awesome, so the band managed to unfold its talent (sic). The local kids liked them a lot, as well. Another local band called Fist Of Fate played after Eternal Hated. Even though beatdown hardcore is not my cup of tea, I have to admit that these guys were very tight and good. They covered Breaking The Law by Judas Priest and Loikaemie`s Goodnight White Pride, as well. Strength headlined the show and they played much better than their hometown show, or maybe the sound was better, or even maybe I was in the right mood to listen to them, hehe!
There was a party after the show and after a while everyone was drunk...
After leaving our marks on the venue`s walls, that means Eternal Hated and WAK tags, plus antifascist symbols and stupid greek words, we said goodnight to everyone and left for the house that we are now having some rest. To be honest, only 3 of us are ready to sleep since the other 2 are still in the venue (one of them flirting with a girl, while the other one is waiting for the guy that is flirting with the girl, ha!).
It`s 4.15 in the morning and I am abusing our host`s mac, but I guess it`s time to sleep...
We are crashing in a floor, literally, but we are so tired that it seems like a water-bed.

P.S.1 How annoying are the people attending hardcore shows that cannot understand where`s the boiling point when fun becomes something else than fun, at least?!
P.S.2 Today I feel like the odd guy, the one that neither play any instrument or sing. Everyone is asking if I am the photographer or the cameraman. 2 guys told me that I am like Bloodhound Gang`s bassist, and I do not have a fucking idea how this fucking guy looks like...

you are gonna miss me when I am gone