Sunday midnight, 3rd to 4th April
After a short walk in Bad Ragaz downtown, we started the trip to Germany.
I have to tell you that Bad Ragaz is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Seriously.
The view and the landscape are awesome, and so is the architecture of the city.
As I already wrote down in a previous update, Bad Ragaz is located among the Alps, so some houses were situated literally under the mountains..:! There you could see lakes, huge parks, golf courts, monuments... We even saw a mini chess court in front of a house! Of course, there were a lot of super rich cars in the roads... You can assume that almost only rich people live or travel there; everything was expensive as hell, while the city was clean and sterilized.
Moreover, the weather was very very hot, that s
ome of us could not resist to take off their t-shirts.
So, the trip to Herten was long and boring. 7 hours
on the fucking road. Pff. Nothing special happened; this time we listened a bit to Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, among the other beatdown crap (sorry, I am mean, I know...), and we had fun teasing each other.
We arrived in Herten and Gerrit`s house at 21.30, had some pizza and took a shower. Apparently, it was
the first shower I took in 4 days; so you cannot imagine how relieved I feel right now, haha.
It's almost 00.30 and we have to wake up in 2,5 ho
urs... Jan (Strength`s bassist) is gonna pick us up and drive us to Dusseldorf`s airport: Our flight is at 6.30 in the fucking morning and then we have to change plane in Amsterdam, after waiting there for 4 hours... We are supposed to land in Athens at 16.10. So here we have a 13-hour long trip ahead us. We will survive, I guess.

Here you get another one bonus pic.