Peace of mind 7''
Ugly & Proud Records
Unbreakable was a band from 2005 to 2010.
They were formed by ex- Silence Before Storm, Break And Enter and Last Straw members, and they were active in the Belgian scene through all these years. Ugly & Proud Records just after their demise, released the band's 2nd 7", called Peace of Mind, limited to 200 copies.
The 7" includes 8 songs (intro & interlude included) of modern yet old school straight edge hardcore. They draw influences from Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice and Insted, but their approach is totally new and up to date. Everything you need is here: fast parts, sing-along parts, 2 step parts, what else?!
I also enjoy the lyrics a lot, they are personal but with a social approach... You hardly read lyrics like tortured while awaiting their execution, what have they done to deserve this fate? blood on your hands, death on your plate, when will you realize your steak had a face? in today's hardcore releases.
Moreover, I like the artwork and the black / white photo that is featured in the cover, depicting good times and fun during a hardcore show...
Nice release, you should check it out. There's a bunch of copies laying in our distro box.