demo CD
To be honest, it's been a while since I listened to a really good local DIY punk rock band.
When I first watched Blacklisted live, I didn't know that my ol' friend and ex-bandmate (for 3 rehearsals, ha!) V. was playing bass for them, so I was really happy to meet her again and figure out that her new band was very very good! Besides that, they weren't play kaca-punk as I guessed. Btw, nothing wrong with kaca-punk, it gets me bored sometimes, that's all.
So... First of all, Blacklisted have nothing to do with the well-known American hardcore band that I can assume that 90% of the readers of this blog already know and 50% of them worship.
The locals Blacklisted consist of active individuals in the underground / DIY greek punk rock scene and ex-members of bands like The Parkinsons, Valpourgia Nixta, Arxi Tou Telous, Ixoripansi etc. They play awesome melodic punk rock with a lot of ska parts (they use a trombone) and some 80s punk influences.
They sing in both english and greek language. The songs with the greek lyrics remind me of The Parkinsons, maybe Orexi Gia Tipota and I dare to write...Trypes! Their song 'Antexeis' is simply awesome, I quoted some of the lyrics below. If I had to choose though, I'd prefer the songs with the english lyrics, they strongly remind me of Wasted!
The production is great, and considering the fact that this is just a demo, it's superb.
I really dig the artwork & the drawings, too. Moreover, the demo comes packaged in black or red cloth, simply DIY.
All in all, I can definitely say that finally here's a really good DIY local punk rock band / release.
Get the demo wherever you find it; there's not a price, you can donate whatever you want.
You can download it from their website, as well.

αντέχεις να κοιτάζεις εμένα στα μάτια, βρες την αλήθεια που κρύβω εκεί έχω δυο μάτια βαμμένα με αίμα, μαύρη αντανάκλαση της πονεμένης γης σφίγγω τα δόντια, κοιτάζω στο χάος, διέξοδο ψάχνω απ'τη δική μου πληγή σφίγγω τα δόντια, κοιτάζω πιο κάτω, το βλέμμα παγώνει σαν πέφτει η βροχή