No Turning Back
Take Control LP / CD
Cant't deny I'm growing older, everyday I'm getting colder, only one release from me, on my stage for all to see. To the ones that are still besides me, there for me and always will be, looking forward, nothing new, no hesitation, I'll do what I gotta do. Always will be.

Let's start with a statement... No Turning Back is the best european hardcore band these times & days... Hard-working, dedicated, always on the road, down to earth and with an attitude, No Turning Back are going strong since 1997. They have played literally everywhere all over the world, from Europe and The States to China, Israel, Costa-Rica, New Zealand and South Africa, demonstrating their beliefs and exposing their anger.

Take Control is their new full length album, following the path that No Turning Back have paved years and years ago. When your turntable meets a No Turning Back record, you know what to expect... Passionate heavy hardcore influenced by the New York hardcore scene (excluding the tough guy bullshit) and Europe's legendary bands like Backfire. Besides that, No Turning Back have their own unique sound that sets them apart from the herd and the clones / clowns that rule / ruin the hardcore scene nowadays.
Songs like Strife, Justice, Not Anymore and Take The World will make you trash everything around you, while Bleed For Me, Always Will Be and Never Let Go will leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth and mind.
No Turning Back returned with a new opus, a record that will stay in the European hardcore history's pantheon for years... This is true (it may sounds lame, but it's true) hardcore at all costs.
Take control, take a stand, take the world in your hand.