Eternal Hated
'26:48 minutes of life' CD
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This is Eternal Hated's brand new record.
Sorry but I cannot be objective in this review since all the guys playing in the band are friends of mine (especially their bassist, also singing for Take The Chance, is a close friend) and besides that I strongly believe that Eternal Hated is one of the best yet underestimated Greek hardcore / metal bands (no matter my music taste).
Actually this is the CDr edition that the guys printed for their mini Turkish tour a couple of weeks ago. The regular print will be available in vinyl format by the end of the year.
So, as the title says, here we have 26:48 minutes (7 songs) of incredible fresh metal / post-hardcore / screamo music. Eternal Hated deliver their most mature material since their birth back in 2007. I was even surprised by the change of their style (they used to play metal core) and by the open-mindedness that those guys have in their very early 20s.
All the compositions are intelligent and I dare to say mentally bright yet chaotic (sic).
The guys have the skills to create epic opuses like 'Boem' or 'Exception Consequence', being influenced by bands like Converge, Coalesce and Orchid, while taking sips from the modern screamo scene and bands like Ampere, Comadre and even Touche Amore.
I've no more words to add... This record has to get the hype it deserves.
Get your copy now and join Eternal Hated's shows.
We head together on a mini Balkan tour in a couple of weeks...