Seila Chiara 7"
Communication Is Not Words | Moment Of Collapse

This is our bated breath, this is our heart's content.
This is ours, this is ours.
This is our pointless chair, this is our endless hours.
This is ours, this is ours.

Seila Chiara is a quintet based in Lyon, France. And this is their debut vinyl record (following a split CD with Orfevre and their first full length CD), that was released some months ago by the great labels Communication Is Not Words and Moment Of Collapse Records, and I'm proud to carry in our distro.
Seila Chiara play post-rock with a lot of european (especially french / italian) emo influences with a touch of post-punk.
If you are into bands like Daitro, La Dispute, Saetia and Raein or even At The Drive In, I'm sure you'll love them.
I'm listening to a lot of emo / screamo nowadays and I curse myself for not showing enough attention (or may I call it respect?) to this genre the previous years.
I definitely think that Seila Chiara is one of the best post rock / emo bands coming from mainland Europe nowadays. They have just released a new CD (that will also be available in 10" format anytime soon) called 'Rive' on Tokyo Jupiter Records, too; check it out.
Seila Chiara's music is fresh and cleansing, in a scene fueled with empathy / apathy and egoism...
The record is limited to 275 white colored vinyls and you can get your copy by our distro.