We arrived in Brasov a couple of hours ago.
The trip was short, around 200km, but we drove for around 3 hours, because the road was a bit harsh.
We had to cross a huge mountain with a foggy atmosphere; the view was awesome, though!
The weather here is very cold, a couple of degrees below zero, but it's sunny, so no worries at all.
Iulia picked us up in front of the venue and after parking the van in a safe spot, we headed to the city centre.
Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever been.
Great architecture, medieval type buildings and a huge city sign in the vein of Hollywood..
Brasov is kinda a snowboard / ski resort with a lot of tourists around.

Iulia was kind enough to be our tourist guide.
Even if she called me a hipster and just demystified the Dracula myth... we wanna thank her for the great hospitality!
We are now having a coffee at a warm place downtown, waiting for Andrian (the show promoter) and the Cluj Napoca guys to arrive.
Then we will go to the venue (Ground Zero) for the usual van unloading and soundcheck.
The show starts at 21.00.
Here are some photos from Thanos' iPhone.

Stay gold.