The trip this morning was endless.
We left Brasov at 08.45 and arrived in Plovdiv' s centre at 19.00.
Less than 500 km in more than 10 hours.
The road that led to Plovdiv was completely fucked up...
We crossed a big mountain, slaloming for almost 3 hours.
We had some near death experiences while John was driving, but no worries, we survived.
We also got a fine for overpassing the speed limit. 130 lei - 35 euros and 3 points in my driving license. Not bad at all.

Nevelina and Danail picked us up from the city's centre and we headed to Puzzle Club.
They brought us some vegan food that we definitely enjoyed.
The show started and finished quite early.
Mental Destruction, a metal band in the vein of Iced Earth & Nevermore, played first and From The Distance, beatdown hardcore imitating Stick To Your Guns, were next.
Eternal Hated delivered a nice show despite the technical difficulties.
Playing in front of 15 people and giving everything you have is what I consider hardcore.
And Eternal Hated are undoubtedly hardcore, no matter the music genre they are playing.
Let's get this straight... I know a lot of snobby bands that would start moaning and getting pissed off because of the poor attendance.
I know some other ones that have cancelled their shows because of this...
But Eternal Hated did their best to play a decent show. Obviously it wasn't my favorite one, but it was rad for sure.

So, we are in a hostel room right now getting ready to sleep.
Tomorrow we have to wake up at 9 in order to leave the room.
The trip to Kumanovo is just 5 hours long, so we don't have to hurry up. A short walk to the centre would be ace; we'll see.
Thanks a lot to Nevelina & Danail for being such great hosts.

We kiss you goodnight.
a. & eh.

Van essentials: bad trip, la dispute, salonica city punk rock, nofx, i want you dead, bulgarian radio stations, milka chocolates, apple juices, endless jokes.