We arrived in Athens 2 hours ago.
Took a shower and now watching a crappy political program on the TV, trying not to throw up.
So, let's get back to what happened yesterday...

We decided to pay those fucking 210 euros and get that fucking green card in order not to cancel the show in Kumanovo.
Letting down the promoter and the people waiting for that show is totally not ok for both World's Appreciated Kitsch & Eternal Hated.
But... a new adventure was there for us... The border policemen insisted that in spite of having that new card we still missed a document concerning our back line... Totally pissed off and ready to get into a fight, we decided to stay calm. Luckily, we only gave the bastards 3 t-shirts and 5 CDs. No comments.

The road to Kumanovo was fucked up, but punk rock music helped us make it safe there.
When we arrived in the city, we met with Marko (Boiling Point; the local promoter) and John & Anna (a.k.a. Catch The Soap couple). John was touring the Balkans as a one man project band, called Ghone. He played first for almost 20 minutes, delivering great ambient / drone / noise, using a synthesizer, drumsticks and a guitar! A local band called Glasnom were next. They played a pretty ok mix of hip hop / hardcore, not unlike old school Biohazard and Rage Against The Machine. We provoked a cool moshpit, as well!
Eternal Hated got on stage (actually there was not any stage at all) at 23.30. They played a very decent show including all the songs of their new record. Watching these guys playing is always cool, so I definitely enjoyed their appearance.
For the record, the show took place in a youth centre in the heart of Kumanovo.
After the show, we packed the van and headed to Marko's house along with John & Anna.
We got some nice food on our way there, paying less than 3 euros for 8-9 croissants / pies etc.
Marko offered to us a frozen basement to sleep inside... We managed to fit all the guys into a small room and tried to get some sleep since we had to wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning...
Just so you know, we don't blame Marko at all.
A house is always a better place to sleep instead of the van.
The guy did his best, but it seems that Kumanovo and hardcore shows are 2 definitely separate things.
We wish him a better luck in Skopje, where he is gonna be involved in booking shows from now on.

As you can figure out, our whole experience in Kumanovo was not so good...

We crossed the borders very easily this time and we drove straight to Volos.
We arrived in Volos at around 15.30, unloaded the back line to John's club (Warehouse) and split in order to have some lunch with our parents. John didn't come with us since he had some urgent things to take care of.
After half an hour me & the band met again and started our trip to Athens.
Arrived just in time to return the van... Thanos, Nick & me took a taxi to a nearby metro station, where Billy picked us up and drove us to Glyfada in order to get my car... Then we went back to pick up the rest of the guys, fully loaded my car and headed to my house downtown.

More than tired we are sitting in the sofas and we just decided to turn off TV and watch NOFX's Backstage Passport instead.
We kiss you goodnight.

- a. & eh -