Night Birds

The other side of darkness CD / LP

Grave Mistake

'The curtain rises on a vast primitive wasteland, not unlike certain parts of New Jersey' - Woody Allen

This is one of the best records I've listened this autumn. Dare I say it's the best?!

Night Birds definitely compose the best soundtrack for a 20-minute b-movie horror film...

Based in New Jersey and Brooklyn / NY, Night Birds have already released 4 records (a demo and 3 7"s). 'The other side of darkness' is their first full length album featuring 13 songs (11 new + 2 from their demo re-recorded) of fresh and uptight old school US hardcore / punk with a strong surf sound.

Imagine early Dead Kennedys members teaming up with the guys of (early, once again) Adolescents and rehearsing in Zero Boys' tiny practice room, while Angry Samoans and Agent Orange are crowd-surfing.

Night Birds have managed to create a 'monster' of awesome surf punk / hardcore, bringing back the 80s Californian hardcore spirit.

Twisted but catchy guitars, melodic yet pissed off vocals, surf drumming and rock 'n' roll fun floating in the air.

Want more?

One thing's for sure... 'The other side of darkness' is a must play at my DJ sets from now on.
Grab the record now. Taken By Surprise Records did a european release.
I sadly missed the Night Birds Sept. / Oct. european tour. Damn.

'If you are not already hip to these guys, where the fuck have you been?' - Maximum Rock 'N' Roll