.Day 4.
.28th December 2011.

Tonight's show was great.
CK:13 is an awesome youth centre dealing with concerts, art & the anti-authoritarian movement.
We went there around 19.00, after spending a few hours in the Rebuild Hardcore Collective's office.
We also had lunch at Bojan's house; he prepared goulash (a local meal) for us.
So, we parked the car near CK:13 and we unloaded the van.
Backline; check. Merchandise / distro; check.
The show started at 21.30. Vault Of Pain played first, delivering beatdown hardcore; definitely not my cup of tea, but they seem dedicated and that's cool.
IWYD were next. This was absolutely the best show of their tour till now.
Tight & heavy metallic hardcore at its best, you know the deal.
Bao Vau hit the stage afterwards. I just learned that they are active for a decade or so.
They play rap core; not my style again.
Losin' It cancelled their appearance since they had some technical problems or something...
All in all, it was a very nice show with more than 100 people attending it.
I have to mention that there were a lot of girls among the audience and almost all of them were beautiful (σεξισμός φάση).
Seriously, it's very vital for a hardcore / punk scene to have both men & womyn equally participating in it.
So, come on girls, take some action!

The show ended around midnight.
We are now in the Rebuild Hardcore Collective's office discussing about dadaism & Steve Jobs.
Tomorrow we have a 4-5 hr long trip to Zagreb.
There's a show in AKC Medika squat feat. many local bands varying from oi! to metal.
I Want You Dead are in the bill, as well.
We are lucky enough to have a special poster only for IWYD, thanks to Jere (of the band Dispro) that is taking care of our show.

We'll keep you updated.
-a. & iwyd-