Kill The Cat

Φιλιά στο χάος CD

self - released

To be honest, Kill The Cat's music was never my cup of tea.

I definitely enjoyed their first CD and their early days, when they were more into the ska / skate punk stuff, but what followed (both musically and lyrically) was not that much of my taste.

Moreover, I considered the band's attitude to be a bit arrogant some times concerning their DIY views.

Despite my personal disagreements, I am strongly opposed to the narrow-mindedness that sprung during their show in Arm Your Desires fest the previous summer and I still can't understand the pathetic stance that the majority of the so - called DIY hardcore / punk scene took. DIY is a political stance, after all, and not a cool and convenient choice just not to play in clubs.

Nevertheless, I bought the new Kill The Cat CD during a DIY concert in Ioannina a couple of weeks ago.

I still remember the day that I got their first CD by Alex / 63 High back in 2005, during their show in Ifanet / Thessaloniki, so it was a bit nostalgic for me to get a new KTC CD 7 years later...

So, enough with the prologue.

Φιλιά στο Χάος came to prove that Kill The Cat are still here, still sharing their beliefs, still dedicated to their political views and still playing the music they love.

I dare to say that Φιλιά στο Χάος is one of the best records I've listened to this year, and this definitely came as a surprise to me, that's why I got more excited.

Ραντεβού στη Φωτιά is a song I've been listening to all the time since I got the CD.

It's undoubtedly their best song ever and one of the most catchy songs I've listened throughout the last years.

I can't stop pushing the repeat button every time this song ends.

Obviously, there are some songs that I do not like that much, especially their ska ones (Ska-P influenced), but all in all the CD rules.

The production is rad, the packaging is awesome (consisting of a digipack case and a 24-pages booklet featuring 10 special graffitis, one for each song) and there are a lot of guest appearances by members of Blacklisted, Χάσμα, Μεθυσμένα Ξωτικά, Conspiracy Of Denial, Αχαίρευτοι and Villa Amalias crew.

No matter how cliche it may sound, I am really happy that Kill The Cat stay true after all these years, even though I may disagree with them some times.

Τους στέλνω, λοιπόν, τα φιλιά μου.

Φιλιά στο χάος.