Sky Pup

Until lamps become lions demo CD

self - released

Well, it seems that Larissa (located in mid / north Greece) is getting back in the punk rock map after a long period of hibernation.

The local youngsters form new bands and start to take this seriously.

Check out Absent, 10 To Go and Drain The Stain for example.

This time we have Sky Pup's live recording demo I got by my good ol' pal Evri while I was in Brighton one month ago.

Sky Pup is a kinda new band playing awesome modern ska music with some punk rock hints.

They remind me of The Slackers and The Toasters, but they also have a personal approach on their songs that I like very much.

They also cover 'There's no one like me', originally performed by Vlassis Mponatsos, if I am right.

I dare to say that Sky Pup is one of the freshest local bands I've heard since months.

There's a lack of ska bands in our country and Sky Pup came as a surprise to me.

They definitely have the potential to become huge.

Go check 'em out.