Still Screaming
'Stick at nothing' MCD
WTF Records

I follow Still Screaming since their inception.
I used to love Brightside (anyone remember their fucking awesome shows in Greece with Biohazard 10 years ago?!) and when I learned that Dennis was singing for Still Screaming I got excited.
That Kassel crew (see Ryker's) sound used to be one my favorite hardcore styles back in the days...
In addition to this, Still Screaming feat. ex-members of bands like Skyz The Limit, Shaft and Point Break; all of them pretty active and well-experienced as it seems.
But... fuck the past!
Here we have a brand new refreshing hardcore band called Still Screaming!
This is their newest record (following their first 7" and their debut full length) including 5 songs fueled with massive sing - alongs, breakdowns, 2 step dancing, heavier than heavy mosh parts and 2 vocalists that trash everything apart.
If you are into bands like Down To Nothing, Terror and Ryker's, you will adore Still Screaming.
It's so fucking fresh heavy hardcore that will stick inside your head forever.
I strongly consider Still Screaming as one of the 'leaders' of the euro-HC scene nowadays, along with No Turning Back and Strength Approach.
We, at the World's Appreciated Kitsch HQ, feel very proud to host them in Positively Positive Hardcore Fest Six this coming December. Get ready for a show that you will never forget.
If you are into HARDCORE, check this band out.
Get 'Stick at nothing' from Uprising Hardcore Distro (www.uprisinghardcoredistro.blogspot.com), there are a few copies available.