25.12.2012 // 01.00
It's already Christmas time so we wish you the best and may the spirit / force be with you.
So, we just came back from a short walk in Skopje's city center. The landscape is amazing with a river splitting the city in two parts. Moreover, there are way too many yet huge statues all over the place...
It's too late for a city that is not called Athens, so almost everything is closed and our dinner got restricted to a shitty multinational fast food chain. Nick's mother gave us lots of food so we had an extra choice, at least.
Let's rewind a bit...
I woke up around 11.30, left my precious behind and headed to Billy's place to get the van. Helped a bit Billy and Jack to load the back line and stuff, and started the trip around 13.00. Then I picked up ALECTO guys from Velestino (near Volos) and headed towards Skopje. We passed the borders kinda easy this time and arrived in Skopje at 22.00. Dimitar's (Hardfaced) bro show us the way to their house and then we went for that short walk.
First show tomorrow is in Kraljevo, a 4-5 hour drive from Skopje. 
We will leave around noon after having breakfast with our buddies Dime & local hero Vasko (Bernay's Propaganda, XAXAXA, ex-FPO).
'Night and peace.

Van essentials: NOFX, Oldschool Rednex, Στίχοιμα, Ομίχλη.