30.12.2012 // 02.40

Woke up in Timisoara around 11.00, still tired, still sleepy.
We saluted everyone and visited that mall once again in order to have lunch. We were supposed to meet with the Intakt guys and go together in Belgrade, but we couldn't find each other, so we headed to the highway and arrived in Belgrade after 3-4 hours. The Romanian - Serbian borders were the easiest to pass during this tour. 
It was already 17.30 when we arrived in Belgrade's downtown (after messing with the big city's traffic for almost an hour) and parked the van outside the parliament (!). We called Rasha, the local promoter, who came after a while and picked us up. We had tea at a nearby place and then we went for some fast food. We even visited 2 record stores, one was closed and the other was kinda expensive. The weather was definitely bad; cold and rainy, so the best haven we could find was the venue (called Panic Room something). We were glad to meet the Intakt guys once again, they seem to be very dedicated and that is what matters at the end of the day. The show started around 21.30, Intakt played first, and I really enjoyed their set this time, even though I was completely tired. ALECTO hit the stage right after and they delivered a nice show in front of -let's say- 40 crusty metal punks. I had to mention that most of the people inside the club was kinda old (like me maybe...!); no youngsters at all, weird.
So, after the end of the show, we drove straight to Tanja's house in order to have some rest. After getting lost a couple of times, we finally reached the house, had some funny incidents with Tila the dog, and crashed for the night.

Woke up kinda early (I think 9.30), but left the house around 11.
After a couple of stops at gas stations we passed the borders kinda easy again and arrived in Sofia around 18.00.
The trip was long but it was OK; nice conversations and good music helped a lot!
So, after getting lost for half an hour, we found Grindhouse Skatehouse, Sofia's best venue... The stage is on a mini skate ramp and this is definitely amazing. It was great to meet Niki and our friends from Expectations plus a lot more guys & girls from the Sofia hardcore / punk scene that we are affiliated with. We had some great vegan sandwiches and pizzas plus a raw vegan cake that Mitko (Tigersuit fanzine) has kindly prepared for us (check the photo below)! The show started around 20.00, Expectations played first and I have to say that they are a fucking amazing band, you should check them out. Throat Fisting, a modern metal band, were next and then we had ALECTO. The place was almost packed when Alecto started playing their first song, 'Slow life decay', and every one kept moving till the last song, 'The furies'. There was a bunch of  7"s sold after the end of the show and that's a good sign that a lot of people enjoyed the show!
Start Today were next, their first show (something like an one-time reunion) after 2 years, and the kids went crazy. Stage dives, circle-pits and constant sing-alongs. Start Today (feat. Jordan from Expectations and our friend Danail from Youngblood Booking - Plovdiv) covered 7 Seconds' 'Young till I die', as well, and that was intense!
The lights went off, we loaded the van and headed to the best place in Sofia; Ugo pizza, ha! Had tons of food and laughed till there was no tomorrow. Right now we are at Niki's place, ready to take a shower and sleep. The alarm is set to 9 since the trip to Athens is almost 9 hours long. Can't wait for the Slavebreed's release show. It is the best way to end this fucking year. Represent!

Van essentials: Darkthrone, No Turning Back, The Ramones, Ceremony, Hatebreed, Iron Age.