Changing times... 7"

This is the first review for 2013 and coincide with the release of this amazing 7".
Seaside Rebels is a brand new street punk band from Rhodes island, consisting of members that have also played in bands like Oi! Askimoi!, Broken Glasses, BMW Rockers 57, Ασσύμετρη Απειλή, Trio Comple and Χαλιαμάγκουρες.
The record includes 4 songs (that last around 14 minutes) of great street punk / old school oi! music, with a strong 80s vibe. There's a melancholic atmosphere floating in the air and this feeling could only be obvious in the good ol' days. 
The lyrics deal with the society, friendship and personal experiences. These are very good lyrics and have nothing to do with some stupid cliches of the genre. I really like it when bands expand their minds and stray away from the overused lyrics that a music style 'needs'. 
'Changing times...' is definitely one of my favorite local releases for the last couple of years and I am glad that there's quality punk music (don't care about specific styles) in this dying country. Can't wait to watch them live.
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