demo '13

'Nothing to prove, no reason to hide
The numbers never mattered, 'cause it's what's inside'

It's been a while since we last updated this blog with a review and that's a shame, I know, but time is limited nowadays and besides that FB is absorbing every inch of creativity. 
Thanks to my good friend Ilias that gave me the boost last night, here we are again with a new review, presenting the first demo of No Thanks, a great straight edge hardcore band from Oklahoma city.
To be honest, it's been months since I last got stoked with a new youth crew band but No Thanks' demo was a surprise for me! 5 songs + an intro of amazing old school late 80s / mid 90s youth crew in the vein of Youth Of Today, Chain Of Strength and Ten Yard Fight, plus lyrics that keep the straight edge flame alive.
2-step parts, fast breaks and sing alongs; you know the deal and you definitely don't need more!
The demo is available through the band's band camp and you can all download and listen to it for free. Have in mind that the band was formed just a couple of months ago and they haven't played any shows yet, so you better hype them now that it's early!