'The Dawn Chorus' LP

'We are sailing under black flags
With a thousand of regrets'

Despite Everything is definitely the most hard-working and undoubtedly one of the best punk rock bands in the greek scene, since their inception in 2009. 
They have toured Europe countless times and they have even made it to The States twice. Moreover, their back catalogue includes 2 great 7"s, a 10" split with In-Sane from Slovenia and a 7" split with Unfun from Canada. To sum it up, Despite Everything is THE BAND you all should check out if you are interested in today's worldwide punk rock / melodic hardcore scene.
So, 'The Dawn Chorus' was just released and it's free for everyone to listen and download (donations are more than welcome, though) via the band's website. 
The record includes 13 songs (you have already -probably- listened to some of them during DE's live shows) of full of passion and emotions modern melodic punk / hardcore, in the vein of bands like The Flatliners, Astpai, Dead To Me and the likes. There's also a Propagandhi influence, in my opinion, and this can't be wrong because as far as I know Despite Everything are huge fans of the aforementioned band.
All in all, this record is so fucking fresh and alive that gave the kiss of life to this dying blog. If this is not enough for you, I don't care. It's definitely more than enough for me.

'I dreamt I was a house of fire
But I woke up in the back of the van
Each mile takes me away from home
Each gallon burns faster than a wildfire'