'No place like home' LP
Horror Business Records | Raincheck Records

'Hardcore, how much I love your energy.
Sing alongs! Don't even need to know the words!
Hardcore, how much I love your energy.
A gorgeous subculture. Damn, I love it!'

It's been a year since I wrote a review in my beloved blog, damn. I dunno why but on one point I thought that I should 'kill' this precious way of spreading out cool yet underground hardcore news and record reviews. But this can't happen... 8,5 years after the 1st post and the blog is still alive, so let's revive the whole thing with a review of an amazing record by an amazing band consisting of amazing guys...!
MY DEFENSE are based in Cologne, Germany and exist since 2005. This is their 6th release (demo & EPs included) and actually the 3rd full length of the band that performs a great mixture of old school hardcore and punk rock, fueled with melodies and positive energy.
If you want me to draw comparisons, I'd state that MY DEFENSE are definitely inspired - in one way or another - by bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter, Strike Anywhere, 7 Seconds, Sick Of It All, Good Clean Fun and Raised Fist. Powerful & catchy tunes, sing-alongs, come on, you know the deal!
The band also features a friend of mine, a greek guy called Peri, who resides in Germany since the early 00s. That's why there are 2 songs with greek lyrics in 'em. You should really listen to them!
'No place like home' was co-released by Horror Business Records and Raincheck Records and it's available in green color vinyl. People from Greece can get the record via our own Uprising Hardcore Distro.