More info about The Smashrooms.

Well, some more info about The Smashrooms' new release!
Here you have the CD cover and the tracklisting:
1.Phantoms 2.Lame Existence 3.Rest In War
4.Cyberslave 5.Do It Yourself 6.New Wops 7.Empty 8.On The Brink Of A Disaster 9.American King 10.Whisper Of Life

Co-producers (all from Italy, except W.A.K.HC):
Epidemic Records, Basura DIY, Denial of Service, New Direction, Columna HC, Punk4free.org, Maxima Tortura, Klas Prod., Kattive Maniere Recs, W.A.K.HC, Il Complotto, Trust In Recs,
Nuoro HC, Still Screaming, Red Zeppelin.

Release date: 30th June, Brescia HC fest.